Welcome to Bornholms

You're probably already familiar with our super delicious cod roe in its plastic packing - you know, the one with the blue plastic lid – our flagship.

We produce a number of other delicious products, such as e.g. cod liver, cod-liver pâté, various fish pâtés, mussels, fish balls, kippers, crab meat, and – last, but not least – our fish snacks, particularly produced with children and kindred spirits in mind.

Don’t worry about eating our canned fish products, because eating fish is a healthy thing (at the end of the day, fish does represent a source of all the important Omega-3 fatty acids) and thus you can eat our products with a clear conscience. Not least, because most of our products are based on fish caught, landed and prepared in compliance with the MSC Fisheries Standards.

… not forgetting that our plastic packaging is environmentally friendly and WITHOUT Bisphenol A.